Beginning a journey to live more simply…

We picked up our Cedar Siding today! It looks good and smells great. Thanks again to Greg Baker and the folks at Barnes Lumber in Harrisburg for all of their incredible help and support! When we got it back to Camp we were greeted by several summer staff who have returned for the weekend to facilitate the anual Family Camp program. Many hands make light work, and we had the siding unloaded and stacked in no time. Can’t wait to get it on the tiny house…

Learned A LOT as we cut out the 1/2″ plywood sheathing for the loft ends. Thanks to Eric Brennan for teaching us how to make the measurements and cuts needed to turn a 4×8 foot sheet of plywood into the precise size and shape needed to fit into a triangular whole with a square whole cut into it at just the exact right placement, and with none of the plywood sticking up past the rafters to interfere with the roofing… Success! We now have great looking, finished side and end walls on our tiny home. Just awaiting house wrap and siding now!

Began work on the loft by sanding all of the 2×4’s underneath and cutting, sanding, placing, and securing the 3/4″ plywood loft floor. We have gone with a plywood loft floor as opposed to the tongue & groove floor suggested in Jay Shafer’s Tumbleweed Tiny House Company plans to cut costs just a bit and to shave some installation time. Once sanded and finished, the plywood’s rich grain patterns and crisp colors will look very pleasant as the ceiling of the kitchen and bathroom below…

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