Beginning a journey to live more simply…

Slower progress today in regards to construction, but a lot of progress behind the scenes…

Cut the rafters today in preparation for beginning the roof.

Was able to arrange for some friends to get together tomorrow to attempt to frame and cover the roof. We also picked up the roofing metal, ordered the windows, and purchased the toilet.

A major challenge for us was determining what to do with black water discharge, especially if the tiny house is not parked near a sewer or waste disposal facility. When looking into possible solutions Gabby suggested we consider composting toilets. As with the insulation, not to mention the whole tiny house concept in general, I thought she was completely nuts at first. The thought of our waste sitting around in such a tiny space was intimidating to say the least. After a lot of research the idea became more and more attractive. As we began to learn more about the concept of composting toilets not only did our black water waste problem get solved, but we realized that its use was very well aligned with why we are pursuing the tiny house to begin with. The final selling point was being able to deal with the waste we generate in a way that does not grosly waste or contaminate water. As with the rest of the folks in our culture, we have done both of these things to an unimaginable amount of the resource in our lifetimes, and it feels pretty darn good to try a different approach as we begin our lives in this tiny house.

We looked at several brands of composting toilets and finally decided upon the Biolet 10 Standard. This unit, while a bit funny looking and bulky, should more than meet our needs with no impact on our modesty or senses. You can check out a video from Biolet to get an idea of what their products are all about. The clip is a bit dated, and the narrator is kind of a creeper, but it offers a nice summary!

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