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Early rise this morning, still so much to do!

With the framing being completed, it’s time to sheath the walls with 1/2″ CDX plywood. The sheathing is glued to each stud with Liquid Nails and screwed into place with 2″ Deck Screws every 3 to 6 inches. Window rough openings are cut out with a circular saw and edges trimmed with a hand saw. The tricky part was making the cut out to edge around the wheel wells… Good thing we know an engineer and a contractor…

Comments on: "Sunday, September 12th: The Walls Go UP." (1)

  1. You mentioned using 1/2″ wall sheathing. Is that what the plans called for or did you choose to use thicker, and if so why? Our plans for the fencl say to use 3/8″, but we’re worried it’s too flimsy. We’re thinking about going w/ 1/2″, but we also don’t want to make this thing too beefy due to the extra weight. We did go w/ a 10,000 lb trailer, so maybe we’ll be fine. What are your thoughts.

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