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A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL WHO JOINED US ON THE FIRST WEEKEND OF OUR TINY HOUSE PROJECT. You can check out the crew under ‘Pages’ at the very bottom of this blog. Look for the “Built By Friends: The Crew” link.

It is our hope that the crew list will continue to grow and expand as we navigate this project. We would like as many hands to have a part in this adventure as possible. We’ve been blessed with so many wonderful people in our lives over the years, and we believe that to have as many friends in on this project as possible will allow us to both celebrate community and to take that positive energy with us where ever the tiny house may take us. Please consider joining us throughout this build! Even if you just run in a few screws, we invite you to join us and leave your impact on this project!

Many Thanks go out to Kyle Klues, Danno Frierdich, Eric Brennan, Lucia Hodges, Larry Davis, Dru Kee, Alessa Brennan, Jamie Rice, Ryan Brummer, Rebecca Cler, and Sara Oviatt! This project would still be just a dream with out your amazing contributions…

Thanks to Bob Workman and the fine folks at Oregon Shepherd for getting the wool insulation to us in time for the start of this build and to Greg Baker and his folks at Barnes Lumber for helping us pull together all of our building materials!


Comments on: "Monday, September 13th: THANK YOU!!" (2)

  1. eeeee it’s real! Looking good!

  2. The Bretschers said:

    Thanks for sharing your adventure. SO glad you are letting us all be a part……even at a distance!

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